20/07/2017 07:00pm the Hive Saigon

From Corporate to Entrepreneurship – Talk by Marcelo Ortega

Corporate business and entrepreneurship are totally different ballgames, each with their own set of unique rules and both requiring a different skills-set. More relevant than that, it requires a completely different MINDSET.

There is simply too much available information online with titles like – “Learn How Entrepreneur & Become Rich in 6 months”. The odds are, if you’ve never started a business before and/or this is your first venture, statistically, this is not going to be you.

Learn how to transition like a pro. Join us as we breakdown each challenge you and many will face when moving from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. Overcome the most typical challenges and get some powerful insights on what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

This talk is A MUST for you if:


More about the speaker:

Marcelo Ortega, is an International Life & Business Coach, Speaker, and Entrepreneur that believes each of us has something unique to give. Helping people to overcome their fears and limitations so they can fully unleash their creative potential and give their highest contribution to their world.

Nowadays, after trying in many ventures, Marcelo developed a career as a Life & Business Coach and travels around the world helping people by empowering them to forge their way into a meaningful life and to do what they love.

Lets create a society that inspires us to develop our creative potential. A society where we all do our highest contribution”

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