Conversations with Women

Magazines presented on newsstands don’t offer enough to women. Of course, we have the focus on  fashion, beauty and lifestyle content but the overall, it is limited. Shu Qi Liu, Founder of Q Communications was one of many who found it difficult to find success stories that are written for women, by women. Armed with a background in PR, Shu Qi is on a roll with promoting gender equality  by starting Doyenne, an online magazine to reach out to intellectual women who are making changes in the world today.

“Most times, we see male CEO interviews by male journalists. There is not enough content that speaks to women at an intellectually stimulating level. So I came up with the idea to offer a different viewpoint for women to feel more supported in their journeys towards achieving success.”

Since its launch in June 2016, has taken part in the Hive’s very own Soundboard pitching session, gotten invites to apply for international accelerator programmes, interviewed a diverse range of women from all walks of industries and launched a very successful meet-and-greet event alongside the screening of Minimalism. The team’s driving factor is their mantra.

“Stay curious and go after what gives you goosebumps. I never thought Doyenne would come alive one day. Now here we are!”