27/10/2020 07:00pm the Hive Thao Dien

Character Drawing Course

Working as an art teacher I’ve noticed a big interest from students wanting to learn how to draw characters. This course of 4 sessions will give you a basic introduction to character drawing. When drawing people, there are some familiar details that sound so simple, but actually can be really tricky to do; like how to draw a nose, a hand or two friends holding the arm around each other. And how do you make a laughing face or a surprised look? You’ve probably experienced it yourself, that the image in your head is so clear, but it just doesn’t come out correct on the paper. After the full course you will finish with your own character; it’s up to you wether it’s a cartoonified version of you friend or an imaginary character.
All levels are welcome. Wether you just want to learn something new and fun, want to start sketching small drawings in your journal, for your own kids or more advanced; dream about drawing characters for the game industry, this is a course for you.
Face drawing:
We will learn a few tricks how to draw a face in the right proportions to make it look natural. Then we will play with our new knowledge and with exaggeration make our own imaginary characteristic faces. Adding attributes to make them extra memorable.
Body drawing:
We will learn how to draw a human body in the right proportions to make it look natural. What makes a body look typically female/male, young, powerful, strong, old etc. Then we will play with our new knowledge and with exaggeration make our own imaginary characters.
In this session we’re exploring what happens to the face and the body when our emotions change, How do we draw a face and body angry, happy, sad, jealous etc.
Create your own character with your new knowledge from session 1-3. We create a short story for it.
Born from a couple of artist parents in Sweden, nearly every day of my life has been focused on making things. After 6 years of art school including industrial and product design, I’ve been working as a designer for over 6 years. On the side of this I’ve been teaching art at public school in Sweden as well as in workshops and private tutoring. My passion is to make people happy(ier) and help them reach their goals. In this course my goal is to make your character creation a piece of cake!
*Single session only available for session 1 and 2
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