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FailFighters #11: Conquering Low Confidence Through Personal Branding

Our next guest, Wes Jackson, is the Managing Director of Omega Digital, a digital marketing agency here in HCMC.
Join Brad and Wes as they both re-visit their deep, personal struggles with identity and confidence, then learn how they turned things around.
For one night only, Wes will be sharing how personal branding and intentional lifestyle design enabled him to triumph through both past and recent major challenges that nearly broke him.
Through a speaking and workshop format, find out how you can begin to conquer your self-confidence issues and kick your current life in the ass to realize who you are, what you want, and how to achieve your dreams.
This will be done through a series of personal branding exercises and simple routines that you will not only learn, but execute at the event, then implement into your life immediately upon leaving the venue. We will be working in groups and partners to help you obtain the best results for YOU.
This is:
An opportunity to change
An opportunity to grow.
An opportunity for you, the community.
Don’t wait! Seats are limited, so make sure to reserve your spot using the ticket link above.
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