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Hive Adventures organised by La Holista

HIVE ADVENTURES ORGANISED BY La Holista XMAS EDITION – Let’s bring whole foods gifts to the local monks

This is an INTERMEDIATE hike, please make sure to read through the distance and altitude.

Pre-Registration: please send your email to events@thehive.com.vn to pre-book. We will start registration on November 17th. Please note that these hikes fill up quickly, make sure to book a seat by email.
Are you craving some nature but don’t know how to organise transport and where to go? Join us for this monthly hiking day at Dinh Mountain, XMAS EDITION!

Dinh Mountain, also known as Bong Lai (Heaven) Mountain, is located just over 30 kilometers from the famous beach town of Vung Tau and about 90 kilometers from HCMC.

The foot of the mountain, situated along National Highway 51 in Kim Dinh Ward of Ba Ria Town, is covered in a dense forest of lush green foliage and rugged outcrops. The path leading to the mountain is lined with many kinds of trees. There are not many houses but scattered around are Buddhist pagodas and temples, a peaceful change of pace from the noisy city.

For this special hike, we will purchase and carry some wholefoods for the local monks as a sign of gratitude for keeping the mountain clean and to help celebrate diversity and unity. The food will be purchased by La Holista and carried by the participants.

The hike:

The hike is 7km long (3.5 km each way), covers 500 meter of elevation, and will take us from the bottom of the hill to a rock formation at the top with a gorgeous view of the surroundings and back where there will be refreshing waterfalls and a natural pool.

The ascending and descending part of the hike will take us around 1 hour and 30 minutes each way. We will have a fast group leader who will be able to pace and guide you during the hike and a back pacer.

The hike is quite technical and challenging but accessible to most with intermediate fitness level – participants should make sure they are able to walk uphill and downhill for at least 3 hours.

In this humid and tropic jungle mountain there will be rocks and slippery bits, so hiking shoes or hiking boots are necessary. If you don’t have any, please make sure you have at least shoes with a decent grip and not too old.

On the way up, due to the high elevation of the climb you will experience a lot of sweating; we recommend you carry at least 3 liters of water each and bring a small face towel that can give you a nice relief during the walk. Electrolytes or natural coconut water are recommended if you usually experience cramps or muscle tightness.

Close to the water parts, there will be jungle mosquitos; we recommend wearing long pants or high socks and using mosquito repellants.

Additional info:

We will stop for toilet on the way, but there will not be toilets until half way.

‘Rustic’ toilets will be available at the parking lot, bring your own toilet paper.

We ask that participants do NOT litter and respect the environment as much as possible.

Well-behaved dogs can join the hike, depending on the dog size, the bus company will charge for cleaning fees. Please check in with us, max total amount around 200,000 vnd. Make sure you bring a bowl and enough water for them too as they will get very thirsty on the way up.

Participants will be asked to agree to the online waiver of liability, releasing any kind of responsibility from La Holista in case of injury during this activity.

What you will need:

• Hiking shoes or boots
• Long pants or high socks
• Mosquito repellent
• Sun cream
• Face towel
• Refillable bottles of water
• Change of clothes
• Small rain coat or backpack cover in case it rains

What is included in the trip, per person:

• Transportation to Dinh Mountain and back
• 2 x Protein Sports Balls to have at the mountaintop
• 1 x Lunch pack: Organic Wholewheat Pasta with Handmade Organic Cashew Pesto and Cashew Parmesan – other lunches options not available
• 1 x Liter of water per person, bring your own bottle
• Any additional food that can be ordered from www.LaHolista.com/shop until Thursday before departure. Please give us a 24-hour notice to prepare the food.
We do not provide other foods other than the ones in our shops and those listed above.

Saturday December 8th, 2018
Pick up & Return:
Pick up at 7:00 SHARP from Anphu Supermarket in Thao Dien
Return between 15:00 & 16:00 at Anphu Supermarket in Thao Dien
Investment: 550,000 VND including donation for food for monks, confirmation and pre-payment before Tuesday 4th of December 2018, 18:00.
Please note that the fee is calculated based on the number of participants and cars are booked and paid for 3 days prior to the hike. After the above-mentioned pre-payment deadline, cancellations will only be refunded if we have someone on the waiting list or if you find someone to replace you. No shows can still come to pick-up the food included in the fee from our Central Kitchen in Thao Dien within 72 hours; please contact us to organise collection. Thank you for your understanding!⁠⁠⁠⁠
Pre-Registration: please send your email to events@thehive.com.vn to pre-book. We will start registration on November 17th. Please note that these hikes fill up quickly, make sure to book a seat by email.

RSVP Required: https://goo.gl/forms/UB3kBv1PORIbsoZW2

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