07/12/2018 06:30pm the Hive Villa

Sunblock Lip-balm Craft Workshop by Ruische Craft


The natural recipe is free from all harmful ingredients and gives you soft, moisturized lips. Vitamin E oil and coconut oil act as natural preservatives, lip balms can be kept for 18-24 months.

Using all food grade imported natural ingredients.

Summer is one of the worst seasons for your lips through the high heat, blazing sun. They can get chapped, dried out, and can even peel. But if you know how to take care of them properly, they can be…oh so soft!

Perfect Gifts for everybody. It’s free from:
– Preservatives
– Additives
– Paraben

500,000 VND for 5-6 tubes of lip balm

RSVP today: carmen@ascenso.hk

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