Parcel Perform is Flying High

Much can be learned from Singapore based startup Parcel Perform. Started by Arne Jeroschewski, former CEO of Zalora with the aim to help e-commerce players to optimize their logistics. With a diverse backgrounds in logistics, eCommerce, PR and finance – it’s no surprise that the spirited team at Parcel Perform have reached great in a short amount of time. The newly-crowned finalists for Slush 2016 only launched the company in June 2016 and have already achieved a lot to beam about.

“There are so many (fond memories) – from onboarding our first employee, to investors agreeing to support us and the first money on the bank account. But I guess the highlight so far, really was being one of the winners of Slush. Standing on that stage & being able to share your excitement about your product with such a big crowd,” shares Dana von der Heide, Co-Founder and CMO, on some of her favorite memories over the past few months.