Renton Yap, Master of Click-Bakes

When it comes to the Hive rooftop smells of something delicious, you know Renton Yap has something to do with it. Renton Yap, Co-Founder of Hcook is the man responsible for connecting food-lovers with homemade chefs around town. It’s not everyday that we get a chance to speak to Renton so we took this opportunity to discuss the backstory of the online platform.renton-yap_hive-life

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and Hcook?
I previously spent 11 years  working in banking  in Singapore, Hong Kong and China and almost got myself a heart attack doing that job and decided to take a break from work. One thing leads to another and I co-founded Hcook together with a buddy of mine. Hcook is about getting people to buy delicious home cooked food from their neighbours. We are literally trying to save the world by doing this!

We’re encouraging people to change their eating habits by going for healthy home cooked meals, offering a cheaper and yummier food option, reducing our carbon footprint and food costs by getting food from our neighbours rather than through food delivery. In order to do that, we have built a mobile application based platform to facilitate the interaction between our home chefs and you.


What’s the biggest satisfaction from doing what you do?
The greatest satisfaction is really about empowering people through our app. On a daily basis, we meet and speak to a lot of our home chefs and Hcook meant something to them in different ways which includes: 

1. Stay at home mums being empowered to cook and earn an income to care of their children
2. Additional source of income
3. Incubator for food-prenuers as it helps them build their following
4. Creative outlet for the baking enthusiasts 

A little bird told us about a charity event you’ve got under the works. Could you share more with us?
This little bird needs to be commended for helping to share such great tidings! We will be holding a Charity Bake Sale on the 10 Dec 11am-4pm on the beautiful 5th floor of the Hive. 30 of our home chefs would be donating their yummy food for sale. We welcome all to come support us and all proceeds from this Charity Bake Sale will go towards a children’s charity. We are currently working hard towards coordinating the logistics of this event, looking for sponsors and how best to reach out to media and social media to make it a success! The Hive community’s help would be much appreciated!

Any last words
Download our app, browse and start ordering. You will be helping yourself to a better diet and at the same time returning something back to the community.