Hive Membership

When you become a member, you’ll be joining a welcoming and diverse community that stretches to Bangkok and Singapore. Enjoy working in all of our beautiful spaces which are designed to inspire creativity as well as productive collaboration. Arrange meetings in any of our locations and your membership includes access to all of our events.

the Hive Saigon in D2 membership

We offer different types of memberships to choose from depending how much or how little time you spend at the Hive. With no lock-in contract, you can start or cancel anytime. Our flexible plans are perfect for startups and you can upgrade your membership as your business grows. From single dedicated to desks to private offices, we’ll find a membership that suits you and your team.   Whether you are a member in Vietnam, Bangkok, Hong Kong or Singapore: when you travel you can make use of any Hive location as a base for working, or to hold meetings. We’ll even issue you with a Hive Passport, which gives you free access to all our other locations. If you have any questions, please just give us a call on +84(08)36023481 or come in for a tour to find out more.

All memberships (except Day Passes) give you the right to use the relevant Hive address for your business.

We are staffed Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm.

Light membership is limited to 5 weekdays or 10 half days per month.

Full-time membership gives you access to the Hive Saigon, 7 days a week at any time.

Special rates

Start-ups and entrepreneurs

The Hive Saigon actively encourages entrepreneurs, especially those new to Saigon, by offering a limited number of membership places at special reduced rates at our D2 location. To qualify your business activity should be less than one year old at the time of registration.

Social enterprise

For those operating a social enterprise or charity, the Hive can offer membership places at reduced rates at our D2 location. Depending on the activity and the needs of the social enterprise we will work to meet whatever budget you have.


The Hive Saigon recognises that writers play a special part in helping form a fully functioning community. So we are able to offer full time writers, who write for a living, special reduced rates. Write to us, giving us your background and we’ll aim to meet your budget.

Young Entrepreneurs

If you are below the age of 23, and are starting your own business then we take our hats off and can help you get started with special rates. Contact us to tell us your story.